REL ACOUSTICS Bass Line Blue 6M Cable



At last, a cable designed by REL’s engineering team to improve every aspect of your entire system’s performance. The special and unique characteristics of REL’s filter board are known only to REL engineers and within this circuit lies the key to designing cables optimized for REL Sub Bass Systems. Bassline Blue™ is a sensibly dimensioned copper cable, wellconstructed that will improve the overall sound of EVERY aspect of the host system’s performance. As with ANY REL product—the improvement extends well beyond the obvious bass region. The greatest area of improvement lies in the manner in which the entire soundstage is illuminated. This is a quality quite different from brightness. Illumination acts to bring light into the stage and renders contrast and clarity as well as dynamic shadings much more evident.REL. Accept No Substitutes.

 “R U Well Connected?”

Try this challenge: Leave ones’ original REL cable connected and hook-up your new Bassline Blue to the speaker terminals 

of the main amp. Carefully dial-in the REL around Bassline Blue and allow the cable to break-in whilst playing for a few hours. Now, quickly switch back to the standard cable and the improvements Bassline Blue provides will be shocking. The standard cable sounds musical, but the stage will appear darkened, much like a theatrical stage in which the working lights have been extinguished. Switching back to Bassline Blue immediately results in the music being properly illuminated again.

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